Daphne Verley Ceramics

Inspiration from ancient totemic icons as well as modern figurative sculpture has led daphné verley to her most recent series, ‘TOTEM’. 

These figurative thrown earthenware vessels with their striped garb and distinctive personalities embody the strength, beauty and grace of women in her life while acknowledging the shared story of women universally.

The stacked collars, integral to the structure of these totems, allow for the upward ascension. Each collar, delicately supporting the next, creates a contour and color study of rhythmic stripe, suggesting elapsed time and measured growth. The resultant form coaxed from this dense clay, present a seamless sealed silhouette, a shared secret.

Deconstructed, the totems become a jumble of discordance. The ascending clarity of each personality becomes evident as the vessels come together. As with each soul, it is innate talent, mindful intention, collective experience and effort that illuminate identity. So it is with these distinctive warrior women.

Despite precarious balance and divergent turns, these totems stand tall highlighting the power and elegance of the women they represent, collectively or alone.