Daphne Verley Ceramics

Block Island, specifically Mohegan Bluffs is home to one of the ocean's most perfect forms, beach rocks. These tumbled time travelers bear witness to the past each with a story to tell. Their perfect irregularity have captivated daphné since she began collecting them as a child. Over the years, her children have humored her, offering arms in transporting these treasures from sea to studio. Today her floor is filled with these ordinary forms, consistent in their simplicity and grace, endless shade and size.

daphné aspire to these qualities in her work, and in recreating these forms has distanced herself from "function". Some of these pieces are draped halves of rocks, others both halves connected. Some have openings while others have necks and rims. some are simply cast forms with color and pattern. All are inspired by these ancient artifacts, bringing daphné back amidst life's adventures to a grounded state of composure, strength and equilibrium.